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Express Interview with Antonio Croce

He took his first steps in the fashion world when he was 14, by sewing clothes at home. Throughout Atonio’s career he has gained a long experience in tailoring and pattern making working for designers such as Alberta Ferretti, Gianfranco Ferrè, Versace, Hermes, Jean Paul Gaultier. The dream to dedicate his creations to the beauty that characterizes every woman and the passion for haute couture, brought him to create his own brand Antonio Croce Milano in 2009. Antonio has dedicated his whole life creating refined constructions, which are the result of a careful and meticulous study of the models and the constant research of materials. Every Antonio Croce creation comes from an emotion; it's a love story! So in 2017 he decided to tell this story by creating a collection of 7 niche perfumes where the bottle that hold the fragrance represents the union between a man and a woman. Express Interview with Antonio Croce by L'Officiel Baltics senior editor in chief Līga Zemture.
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3 facts about you

To do what I wanted to do and pay for school to reach my dream, when I was young, I worked as a lathe turner

When I was young my owner downgraded me from being chief pattern maker after seven years for defending their private label

When I started my own business, the friends who were supposed to helped me turned their backs on me

3 phrases that describe yourself

A visionary and perfectionist pattern maker

A creative soul with a strong passion for his job

Never be satisfied, you always have to improve

3 inspiring places

New York and metropolitan cities in general

Sicily, my beloved native land

The desert

3 hours for shopping ... Antonio Croce Milano of course!

3 favorite brands

Cartier, Dior and Jean Paul Gaultier

3 cities to visit

Sydney, Hawaii and Fiji

3 TOP beauty products

From the world of beauty, I suggest not 3 products but 7! Seven perfume to accompany women in every moment, dress them with exclusive fragrances and let them become the best part of themselves: Unica, Incantevole, Perfetta, Straordinaria, Sofisticata, Ardente e Meraviglia. 7 Fragrances dedicated to every shade of Woman’s personality.

3 million...

Of bottles sold!

3 favorite restaurants

In London, Macellaio Roberto Costa, where I ate the most delicious steak of my life.

In Misano, near to our company headquarter, I love the pasta of the restaurant Le Vele.

And the third is at home of course!

3 style advices
3 life lessons

The important thing in life is to do what you’ve always dreamed of doing since you were a child

Live your life enjoying every little moment

Be as positive as children

3 Instagrams that inspire you




3 favorite stores

Lalique, Visionnaire Design Gallery, Bugatti Showroom.

3 ideas for perfect present

For a woman? A right word at the right time.

3 books to read

The Bible

Biographies of people who have left their mark in the world

Osho's books

3 words at the end of the interview

Humility, courage and dedication

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