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Iconic! The Dior silk scarves for autumn

With her love of prints, Dior's Creative Director, Maria Grazia Chiuri, is predestined to create a beautiful collection of silk scarves.

Artful drawings reminiscent of ancient engravings of flora and fauna are one element that Dior brings to fabric for its latest silk scarves collection. In the process, "the codes of the house" as well as the works of the Italian artist Pietro Ruffo, which he created for Dior, were transferred onto silk. The process continues in the Italian ateliers, where the poetic sketches are transferred to silk by screen printing or inkjet printing. In the next phase, the silks are repeatedly passed through a steam lock and then washed in various baths until the ideal look and feel is achieved. After being cut by hand, the squares are frayed or rolled to give them the finishing touch. A luxury that conveys the innovations of the Maison Dior down to the smallest detail, as can also be seen in the video of the house. 


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1630926132469358 dior foulards 01
1630926132702371 christian dior1630926132907075 dior flag
1630926133106993 dior seidentuch1630926133326641 dior silk

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