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Serena Williams and Virgil Abloh: Much more than a uniform for Rolland Garr

The most fashionable designer of the moment signed, together with Nike, the clothes chosen by the tennis player ...
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The controversy over the black jumpsuit used by Serena Williams in her return to the Rolland Garros tournament in 2018, shortly after her daughter Olympia's birth, seems to have made the tennis player even more excited this year about the "uniform" .
What happened in May last year? The athlete came from a not so quiet postpartum recovery, and on her return to slam appeared wearing an atypical clothing for the clay courts. Not only she, but the administration of the games stood against the use of special clothing.

Serena, however, was annoyed by the controversy surrounding something that went way beyond style. The overalls were designed to help with blood circulation and prevent the return of blood clots that she faced after giving birth. "I feel like a warrior, like a warrior princess, the queen of Wakanda." I'm always living in a fantasy world, I always wanted to be a superhero. My way of being a superhero. I feel like one when I wear this outfit! "

Although she also claimed that her idea was to inspire other women mentally and physically to regain their confidence and to believe in themselves, the choice was so talked about and argued that after the fateful day the overalls were banned in the tournament .

When he learned of the ban, he quickly countered, "You can take the superhero out of his uniform, but you can never take away your super powers." But her best response came a few days ago, when for the return to the championship of 2019 she entered the court with a new look that spoke for itself.

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His choice this time may even look like a "traditional" tennis outfit that fits the required standard, but for those who looked more closely, there was nothing in common. Signed by none other than Virgil Abloh and Nike, the black and white look incorporates a "coat-cape" cape with the words "Mother", "Champion", "Queen" and "Goddess". With each movement of Serena on the court, it was possible to see the words emblazoned on her back from above.

It's not the first time Serena wears such a cover that gives her "superpowers" and will definitely not be the last, after all she's really a super-horoine from the blocks and life. It is worth mentioning that the uniform was lucky and she won the match, this time against Russian Vitalia Diatchenko.

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Photo: Reproduction Instagram @serenawilliams
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Photo: Reproduction Instagram @serenawilliams
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Photo: Reproduction Instagram @serenawilliams

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