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You Can Now Virtually Try On a Pair of DiorColorQuake Sunglasses

All thanks to a new filter on the Facebook Camera app.
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Forget #nofilter. Dior has given us a great reason to open (or download, for the Insta-addicts amongst us) Facebook's Camera app with its very own augmented reality filter. Developed in collaboration with the social media platform, the new feature encourages app users to "Tap to Quake", which will then let them virtually try on the new DiorColorQuake sunglasses. You know, those vividly-hued, rimless sunglasses worn by the models at Dior's Autumn/Winter 2018 show. 

The new filter doesn't just let you see what you'd look like in the Maison's new Youthquake-inspired statement shades; you can also switch to your phone's rear-facing camera to see the world through their tinted lens. Put simply, a rose-tinted view of the world is now just one click away. Nifty.


The only downside is that the filter currently only allows you to try out five of the shades from the entire DiorColorQuake range. Scroll through the gallery below to see all the DiorColorQuake designs that are now available in Dior stores:




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