Wellness 101: Where to Start with Health Tech

An introductory guide to the best-in-class products in health technology. Photography Andrew Day
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Garmin Vivomove HR Watch

A stylish and affordable alternative to the Apple Watch and Fitbit comes from Garmin, known for its GPS trackers. The hybrid smartwatch still features ticking hands, but they automatically swipe out of the way whenever wearers operate the touchscreen. Garmin has included the usual fitness-monitoring features but has also added “stress tracking.” When stress levels peak, users are encouraged to make use of a “relaxation timer” to guide them through deep breathing exercises.

Netatmo Healthy Home Coach

One’s home should provide an oasis from the stressors and pollutants of the world, not trap them. The Netatmo Healthy Home Coach monitors indoor humidity, pollution, and temperatures to alert users on how to improve their home’s air quality. Ideal for asthma sufferers and families with small children, the elegant-looking devices can be set up around the house and then monitored by a single smartphone app.

Motiv Fitness Heart Rate, and Sleep Tracker Ring

Most everyone has realized the benefits of wearables, even if their chunky, dweeby designs have failed to entice. The Motiv Ring Fitness Tracker offers similar functionality—heart rate, calories burned, and sleep cycle monitoring—but in the sleek and inconspicuous form of a ring. Don’t be fooled by their mere 0.1-inch thickness; these titanium gadgets are waterproof down to 165 feet and sync up to a Motiv smartphone app to chart fitness progress.

Muse Meditation Headband

Rather than unplugging to achieve zen, Muse makes the case that technology can be integral to mindfulness. Its “meditation headband” monitors whether the brain is calm or active and then emits corresponding noises through headphones. Calming sounds like gentle breezes help the mind to declutter, and thunder resounds when thoughts begin to race. Frequent use trains the brain to meditate more effectively, thereby diminishing the symptoms of anxiety and depression.


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