Watch Nick Jonas Reveal His Special Talents

We all know that Nick Jonas has musical talent, but what other hidden skills does he have?
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Since his early days on Disney Channel with his brothers, Nick Jonas has been cultivating his musical talent. Up until settling down with wife Priyanka Chopra (as much as a pop star and Hollywood actress can settle down) and going into coronavirus lockdown, his life revolved around performing and entertaining. Then, like the rest of us, Jonas found himself on pause during the pandemic. But that didn't stop him. From releasing an album, Spaceman, to discovering new talents, the star has plenty of excitement to share in 2021.

Nick Jonas

GROOMING Charley McEwen
EXECUTIVE PRODUCER Sarah Thompson Creative Blood 
DIGITAL OPERATOR Giorgio Lattanzi 
DIRECTOR Harry Reavely
SOUND TECH Chris Sutton
POST PRODUCER Rachel Anderson
PHOTO ASSISTANTS Tom Hill, Pierre Lequeux, and Calem Caprara
STYLIST ASSISTANTS Yuriko Hiratsuka and Esme St Clair

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