No stress! Jennifer Aniston tells how she handles bad days

With the heavy routine, it's more than natural for bad days to be present, but Jennifer Aniston has a great way of dealing with it.

Jennifer Aniston told how to get rid of everyday stress. The 52-year-old actress revealed in an interview with the American magazine InStyle, that a single potato or a single confection is enough for her to manage her stress and feel renewed. ​In response to the question about how to deal with professional tensions, the former star of Friends said: “A potato chip. Crunch, crunch, crunch. Usually enough. I'm good at it. I can limit myself to a confection or a potato. I know, it's completely annoying.”

Aniston also revealed her favorite drinks: “Margarita, clean, no sugar, or a martini. I only drink two to three drinks at most, and nothing exotic." The actress said she turned down offers of alternative drinks: “When someone asks me, 'you want something with cranberry, coconut, cucumber and hibiscus and whatever?' No, I do not want".

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