The Hut Syndrome: How to Fight Fear When Leaving Home

The hut syndrome: people who fear the return to normal more than the lockdown.
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In many countries, the lockdown has already been lifted and people are once again free to leave their home whenever they wish to do so; however, not everyone feels ready to do it.

The post-COVID-19 effect doesn't seem to be making us feel free again, but rather even more imprisoned. Experts have been speaking about the hut or prisoner syndrome, which has become a rather widespread condition, contrary to what one might think. The most affected are the people who were able to manage the period of isolation well and now feel a strong sense of bewilderment and inadequacy when thinking about the idea of returning to their normal life. However, it is not strange to feel like that, in fact, it's completely normal. After months of quarantine, there are those who experience the anxiety of resuming previous rhythms, the fear of going out and, perhaps, there are also those who have discovered that life at home is not as bad as it seemed in the beginning.

The return to normal is not appreciated by everyone, due to the pressure of having to return back to the world and resume the usual routine. Our homes, in this period, have become some sort of a refuge, they have kept us safe from the virus but also far from the world, whose intense energy often makes us stressful. We have established a security perimeter and now we must abandon for an atmosphere of uncertainty.


Why Don't We Want to Go Out Anymore?

Quarantine has allowed people to have more time for themselves, their affections and hobbies, which is also why they may now be reluctant to return to their hectic previous lives. Besides, there are those who, unwillingly, got used to the new routine and don't want to switch it up again. Isolation is unpleasant, but our survival mechanisms have allowed us to counteract that feeling and adapt to lockdown.


What Will Be the New Normal?

We live in a society of working: always doing things, always producing. Rebirth is always scary, yet it is necessary. The alarm was raised by the Official College of Psychologists of Madrid. A team of Spanish researchers had reported that there are more people suffering from this disorder around in the world than you can imagine.


How to Overcome the Syndrome?

Key word - graduality. Staying indoors could only help increase our fears and lead us to worse problems later on. We need to get used to the outside world gradually. Every little daily step will be essential to verify that the world is not always a threat.

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