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Foods that give the feeling of hunger or satiety

Careful nutrition alone is not enough to lose weight in a healthy and permanent way. Sometimes your habits, which you never thought about, can help you gain weight, while some foods may cause you to feel hungry. Here are the nutrients you need to watch out for ...
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Research shows that women who consume one egg at breakfast in the morning lose more weight than those who consume the same calorie bagel. Six grams of protein in the egg, which is only 70 calories, makes you feel full for longer. Eggs also increases energy.


Soups are highly recommended in diet menus, especially for the natural ones that contain water makes you feel full for a long time. If you consume soup as a start, when you go to the main course, the brain gives you a signal in a short time 'you've eaten enough'. Thus, you avoid excessive consumption.


Avocado is fatty, potassium, vitamin E and folic acid full, so you're satiated well, and it holds for a long time.


Oatmeal you consume at breakfast causes this breakfast to stick to your ribs. Moreover, even without adding milk on the 4 to 7 grams of protein is quite surprising! This food, which provides extra energy when consumed with milk, has many benefits.

Beans and lentils

When you consume one of these, you will notice that you do not want another meal for a long time. One serving of three tablespoons contains 7 grams of complex carbohydrates that are not easily broken. All these ingredients help strengthen your immune system.

Walnuts, almonds and peanuts

A great combination of fiber, protein and fat, these nutrients help keep your cholesterol low and are an ideal alternative for snacks. You should take care to consume this trio, which helps you suppress your hunger, because it contains too many calories.


Mint which has the ability to calm down with its scent, eliminates hunger. In your room you can light a candle with mint or you can drink mint tea instead of consuming snacks when you feel hungry during the day.

Oily fish

Salmon, ton, mackerel and herring contain a high amount of omega-3 cholesterol, which causes metabolism to work faster. It also helps the leptin hormone to work properly, and directly affects omega-3 metabolism for burning or storing fat.

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Pastry and pastry products

Have you ever felt hungry just half an hour after the huge croissant you ate for breakfast? This is because simple carbohydrates containing white sugar and flour do not contain fiber and have very little vitamins. The moment you consume this type of food, it causes a rapid increase in insulin and sugar breakage. Therefore, you start to feel hungry in a short time.

Processed corn flakes

Like baked pastries, cereal is not a good option for breakfast. This food containing high carbohydrates unfortunately does not provide energy. Therefore, you should take care to eat oats instead of corn flakes.

Diet carbonated drinks

Although you think it's healthier to consume zero-calorie sparkling beverages, research has led to starvation and sugar cravings of processed sweeteners.

Fried potatoes

As it contains high levels of carbohydrates and salt, the more fried potatoes are consumed, the greater the desire to consume. Although potatoes are included in the vegetable aisle, unfortunately it becomes a very harmful food with frying and salt.

Ready chinese dishes

In many Chinese restaurants, MSG is added to take-home meals. This flavor, which makes processed food more delicious, also makes you more hungry. If you pay attention, the majority of Chinese food lovers prefer to eat at home rather than restaurants.

Milk, butter and cheese

Scientists proved that those who consume these foods gain weight after three days.


Since many people do not feel hungry after work, they prefer to drink instead of a snack and find themselves starving at the end of two glasses of wine. Researches show that beer and red wine create a feeling of extreme hunger.

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