Kim Kardashian's Old Bodyguard Slapped With $6M Lawsuit

In the wake of the infamous Paris robbery, the former bodyguard is looking at hefty fine.
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Two years after the highly publicized robbery of Kim Kardashian in Paris, the starlet's former bodyguard, Pascal Duvier, is now the target of a hefty $6 million lawsuit. According to a report by TMZ, Kardashian was paid $6.1 million in restitution by her insurance company AIG after the robbery—a massive compensation charge that Duvier is now being sued for.

The night of the robbery, Duvier left Kardashian alone in the apartment as he went to guard her sisters at a nightclub. It was then that the band of robbers, dressed as Parisian cops, bound and gagged Kardashian after stealing numerous jewels including her wedding ring. Shortly after news of the robbery was made public, the Kardashian family fired the bodyguard in favor of a new security team. 

The lawsuit targets Duvier, citing a variety of security breaches that were mishandled by the bodyguard. AIG alleges that there were security concerns that were overlooked by Duvier, including an insecure front gate at the entrance of the hotel, along with a malfunctioning intercom system. 

As of now, reports claim that at least 17 people have been arrested on charges relating to Kardashian's robbery. While no legal crimes may have been committed by Duvier, this restitution lawsuit might just leave him, and his bank account, in an awfully tight place.

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