Tell Someone You Love Them Today with Troye Sivan's "Animal"

The track is a wild, bold, and sincere declaration of one's feelings—and the last single to be released from his upcoming album.
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Photograph by Jack Pierson

Back in April, we crowned Troye Sivan as the Fresh Prince of Pop, a title he's lived up to, if not exceeded, ever since. His sophomore album Bloom is set to be released August 31, and while we can only anticipate what the career-defining record for the 23-year-old, we've been quite blessed with the singles that have been rolling out over the past few months.

First came the joyous and carefree lead single "My! My! My!" followed by "The Good Side" an acoustic track which centered on a breakup and doubled as an open letter to an ex-boyfriend. Come Met Gala season, Sivan then switched things up with "Bloom" the title track from the album—a sensual declaration of queer love wrapped up in a cheeky double entendre, which preceded "Dance to This" a groovy duet with the one and only Ariana Grande. But, if you can believe it, Sivan saved the best single for last, with "Animal" just released today via Capitol Records. 

It's a love song in every sense of the word, the kind they play in movies where a couple is alone, exploring their surroundings, and—you guessed it—falling in love. It checks all the necessary boxes, too. Vulnerable? Check. Beautiful? Yup. Honest? Double check. 

"Animal is one of my fave songs I’ve ever written," Sivan tweeted about the song. "I wanted to make an epic, timeless love song about how whipped i am."

Equal parts soft and cinematic, it taps into the animal within all of us (no pun intended). We are, after all, just that. Vulnerable, carnal, and nurturing beings. As Sivan demonstrates, tapping into that not only causes us to be more self-aware but allows us to express our innermost thoughts and desires to others, even if unrequited. 

While we have to wait until August 31 to hear Bloom in its entirety, it's time to give Sivan credit, where credit is due. With every single from this album, he's managed to do what so many musicians today have failed at: he's produced an album that touches on the wide spectrum of emotion—one that includes joy, sadness, and everything in between.

Yes, these are your textbook definitions of "perfect pop songs" but they pack a relatable punch with every listen. There is also something to be said about Sivan's own artistic growth; the boy we first fell in love with on Blue Neighborhood is all grown up on Bloom. More than simple hype, Sivan's music is changing the way we listen to music, and that in itself deserves all the praise. 

All hail

Stream "Animal" below.

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