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Man is the crown of nature

The shooting was inspired by the behavior of animals in the wild.
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With this "axiom", humanity has been living on this planet for thousands of years. Being in the blissful delusion that everything depends entirely on our desires and any question lends itself to scientific comprehension. Only global world events, such as a pandemic, show how fragile our ideas about this world are, how the world is one and everything in it is interconnected.

During lockdown, when time stood still, we had the opportunity to get back to basics, slow down the “run” and just enjoy the moment. Feel like a part of a huge whole, a part of the world in which we are all equal before the forces of nature and are links in the same chain.

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The inspiration for the shooting was the behavior of animals in the wild. The beauty and naturalness of their movements, their ability to be an integral part of the whole and at the same time to occupy their special unique place in this world. We wanted fashion to dissolve in the natural landscape and become a part of it. Without trying to "embellish" what has been perfectly created by nature itself.

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