72-year-old Influencer breaks beauty industry standards

Colleen Heidemann shows that the beauty industry is constantly changing.
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The beauty industry is finally realizing that following standards is an outdated system for putting pressure on women. Instead of just propagating images of young models, several brands are increasingly investing in women over 50 to represent their projects and products.

The trend is global and has never been so hot before! Just take a look at how gray hair has become a symbol of beauty on the Cannes Film Festival's red carpet or watch terms like " anti-aging " are falling out of favor or watch the rise of over 50 models dominating social media - the beautiful is for all ages!

Colleen Heidemann is a 72-year-old influencer from the United States who is helping to break these patterns and show so many women around the world not to give up on their dreams

Collen currently has a contract with Next Model Management and has appeared on magazine pages and major brand campaigns. In 2011 she saw her name explode on the internet when she was photographed by Ari Seth Cohen as part of her Advanced Style series, featuring older women in impeccable style.

For her, the only motto that counts is: "If not now, when will it be?" - wise words! See more of his work here below:


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