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New Vintage Member: Valentino

Valentino brings a breath of fresh air to the rise of vintage looks as much as it is nostalgic.
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One of today's nostalgic habits, vintage clothing is one of the trends of fashion. If we say that instead of buying a new season blazer, many of us turn to vintage jackets in order to be more affordable and to achieve originality with a single piece, it would be a concrete example of the vintage craze. This is also an indicator of the rise of cyclical fashion today, beyond the fast fashion understanding that we consume rapidly. Realizing this curiosity and awareness, world brands are also caught in the wave of mergers with vintage formations. This step integrates luxury with vintage. The most recent example of this is Pierpaolo Piccioli, creative director of Italian luxury fashion house Valentino, initiating partnerships with a number of vintage stores around the world. The Italian fashion house is launching an old buyback program to extend the life of its clothing. As part of the partnership, Valentino will encourage those who own old vintage pieces to send them to boutiques in exchange for a store credit they can use in Valentino's new season. The brand also recently shared four international boutiques that people can connect with: Madame Pauline Vintage in Milan; New York Vintage Inc. in New York; Resurrection in Los Angeles and Laila Tok in the Japanese capital. Vintage piece owners will contact these boutiques and send photos of the product and the valuation process will begin. After the interview and evaluation, people will have store credits prepared to use in their new Valentino collections. In the second phase, which will start in January 2022, Valentino will present a selection of vintage pieces in stores. This is an important step for the brand that will remove real fur from its production as of 2022. Thus, it is certain that it will be the pioneer of many luxury brands in terms of both sustainability and environmental awareness. Other fashion brands that have just entered the second-hand market before Valentino include Jean Paul Gaultier and Gucci.

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