Jewels Sculpture

Jewels Sculpture
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Gold galvanized brass earring, Luise Zucker jewelry art (@luisezuecker). Iron bracelet “Punto di vista 3”, Brunella Alfinito (@brunella.alfinito). Gold plated brass rings, Luise Zucker. Underwear: Carlo Galli Individuals (@carlo_individuals, @individuals_lingerie).
1622469155841950 look 2
On her ankle "TIME" Bracelet Iron; on her foot "AHHHHH!" Ring Shibuichi Red Gold, BRUNELLA ALFINITO (@brunella.alfinito). On her right arm "BEATRICE" Bracelet Gold and Silver, Amethyst/Iolite Gemstone. On her right foot "MIHA" Ring Gold and "ANDREA" Ring Gold; on her left arm and on her left hand "ANDREA" Bracelet, "BEATRICE" Ring Small Gold Iolite Gemstone and Ring Big Silver Amethyst Gemstone. "MIHA" Hoop Earrings Gold, ELISA PARPINELLI JEWELRY (@elisa.parpinelli). Body, Carlo Galli Individuals (@carlo_individuals, @individuals_lingerie).
1622469183817525 look 3
Beige coulotte, CARLO GALLI INDIVIDUALS (@carlo_individuals, @individuals_lingerie). Gold bracelet and necklace, LUISE ZUCKER jewelry art (@luisezuecker).
1622470741126557 look 41622469320332360 look 4b
"BASTA" Bracelet Cement Iron Silver Resin, BRUNELLA ALFINITO (@brunella.alfinito). Black geometric rings, pearl details , LAURA FORTE JEWELRY (@lauraforte_offcial). White tulle body, CARLO GALLI INDIVIDUALS ( @carlo_individuals, @individuals_lingerie). "MIHA Silver small earrings , ELISA PARPINELLI JEWELRY ( @elisa.parpinelli).
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Gold galvanized brass earring and gold brass ring, LUISE ZUCKER (@luisezuecker). oxidized silver bracelet, LAURA FORTE JEWELRY (@lauraforte_official). White tulle bra, CARLO GALLI INDIVIDUALS (@carlo_individuals, @individuals_lingerie).
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1622469380878040 look 6c
"BEATRICE" earrings gold Amethyst Gemstone, ELISA PARPINELLI JEWELRY. Black geometric bracelet, black ball ring, texture silver circle ring, LAURA FORTE JEWELRY (@lauraforte_offcial). Black geometric bracelet, Laura Forte. Black ball ring, Laura Forte.
1622469432692660 look 7
White bra, CARLO GALLI INDIVIDUALS (@carlo_individuals , @individuals_lingerie). Necklace gold and silver, on her left arm bracelet, "MIHA" collection ELISA PARPINELLI JEWELRY (@elisa.parpinelli). On her right leg "BEATRICE Bracelet Gold and Silver Amethyst/Iolite Gemstone and "MIHA" bracelet, ELISA PARPINELLI (@elisa.parpinelli). On her right arm "AUTUNNO 1943" Bracelet Zinc, Silver BRUNELLA ALFINITO (@brunella.alfinito).
1622469467861673 look 8
Node Bracelet, Laura Forte Jewellery (@lauraforte_offcial).

Photographer: Debora Barnaba (@deborabarnabaphotography)

Stylist: Irene De Santis (@fashionstylist_ire)

MUAH: Nicoletta Causa (@nicolettacausa)

Nails: Nicole Pellegrino (@nicolepellegrino.mua) using Chanel and Bullfrog

Model: Nanda @ Women (@nandaisaia)

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