1608292351449568 look11608292355966530 look1b
1608292361040082 look1c1608292365716974 look1d
1608292370920712 look1e
Trousers & M.A. G Accessory by Boyfriendshirt Sweater by José Luis Monterrosa
1608292434109719 look21608292439651103 look2a
1608292444658336 look2b
1608292449518851 look2c1608292454131586 look2d
1608292460142978 look2e1608292465132411 look2f
Shirt by Boyfriendshirt Bottom Shirt by Angel Grave Pants by Hoja Hueso Belt by Doxa Scarf by Stylist’s Archive
1608293891231884 look31608293903835996 look3b
1608292533617147 look3c1608292538596392 look3d
1608292543769929 look3e
Shorts by Boyfriendshirt Coat by Angela Reyna Cape by RCANO
1608292616468013 look41608292624004159 look4a
1608292630807422 look4b1608292639942216 look4c
1608292649587506 look4d1608292656304696 look4e
1608292662092788 look4f
Trousers by Boyfriendshirt Body by Angela Reyna Shirt by R. Perez Belt by Doxa Sunglasses by Stylist’s Archive
1608292767344180 look51608294030458732 look5c
1608294043821661 look5d1608294075083348 look5e
1608292818462301 look5f1608292825752741 look5g
1608292840788859 look5i
Trousers by Boyfriendshirt Bow Tie by RCANO Shirt by Loló Cordero Jacket by Hoja Hueso
1608292881265412 look61608292887025152 look6a
1608293708615885 look6b
Suit by RCANO Shirt by Boyfriendshirt Vest by Stylist’s Archive
1608293695483092 look71608292933044319 look7a
1608292938095183 look7b
Trousers by R. Perez Shirt by José Luis Monterrosa Trench Coat by Boyfriendshirt

Photography and Art Direction: Diego Fierce @diegofierce

Styling: Ruth Buendía @ruthbuendiap

Make up and Hair : Davo Sthebané @GivenchyBeauty @davosthebane

Model: Clarck Coombs @Paragon Model Management @clarckcoombs @paragonmodelm

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