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Donatella's Versace collection features new winds of the fashion house

This autumn and winter collection explores the symbolism and creative codes of the fashion house Versace with a new prism.
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At the end of September last year, the luxury clothing and accessories group Michael Kors took over the Italian fashion house Versace. Soon it was speculated how these changes will change the traditional face of Donatella's Versace-led houses - will the true spirit and luxury of Versace survive?

After the latest release of Versace's autumn and winter collection, fashion critics have split into two camps. Some argue that Donatella continues styling a few years ago, while others say that Versace is an uncharacteristic face that is gradually being shaped by the new owners of the company.

Donatella herself says about the collection: "The collection reveals the woman's side she fears to show the world. This is a step from the comfort zone. Today's shortcomings are our new advantages and there is no need to hide. We must be proud of our uniqueness. ”

Versace 2019-2020 autumn and winter collection

Versace 2019-2020 autumn and winter collection

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