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Jane Birkin style to copy

Fearless, carefree and stylish: our forever muse
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Jane Birkin is still, after all these years, one of the most acclaimed muses in the fashion's world. Her unique style that marked an era is still one of the greatest inspirations for modern designers. Brikin had managed to combine the elegant and chic Parisian style with London' casualness. Sexy, laid back and elegant, Jane Birkin had always been able to amaze public: we remember the mini dress by Paco Rabanne that she had worn for an night out with her husband Serge Gainsbourg or the iconic straw bucket transformed by Jane into a real object of desire.

Want to copy her look? The rules are simple and fun: during the day pair a high-waisted flares jeans with a white T-shirt or shirt (satin, one shoulder or men’s) and comfortable ankle boots. Play with the lengths, Jane's favourite: the shorter the better. Don't be scared to wear white in winter: it's a timeless, chic and elegant colour all year round.

Knitted dresses are essential (remember the see-throgh dress Birkin wore for the premiere of French film Slogan paired with her wicker basket and ballerina shoes) to channeling your inner Birkin. One last tips: short in the winter are a thing, at least for the singer. She wore it with Parisienne sock and a sweater. 

Your transformation into the carefree Jane is almost completed. Now add a sassy bangs and some eyeliner on your eyes and you’re ready to go. But don’t forget the biggest Jane’s secret to own every looks she wore: be confident and walk around like the streets are your catwalks.


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