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If champagne is your all time favorite drink...as it is mine, then a visit to Champagne this spring/summer season is a must. Champagne houses are open for public visits, just remember that you have to book the tastings in advance, no matter weather it's a grand maison, or a smaller grower's winery.
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Just a short reminder, that Champagne is a region located east of the Paris region, and is one of the great historic provinces of France. As far back as the times of the Emperor Charlemagne, in the ninth century, Champagne was one of the great regions of Europe.Today, thanks to a type of sparkling wine to which the region has given its name, the word Champagne is known worldwide – even if many of those who know the drink do not know exactly where it comes from.


I'm usually travelling to Champagne twice a year - springtime in April, when the latest champagnes and vin clairs are tasted, and then again in fall season, when the harvest is over, and winemakers have some time to spread their story.

Though, other wine regions of France boast with some great wineries located in even greater chateaus, this is not the case, because boutique aka grower champagne makers are nice, humble men with great hearts, doing their best from their historic homes, owned by growers in generations… there is Avenue de Champagne, of course, but aristocratic touch can't be experienced at its greatest there, BUT… here are two of my favorite places to stay overnight and feel like le roi* the king.

Les Avisés

In Avize we find Les Avisés, an ambitious boutique hotel and restaurant run by the Selosse family in a building that used to belong to the Bricout Champagne house. Don't forget to book an excellent champagne tasting in the cellar. This is where I really feel at home.

Address: 59 Rue de Cramant, 51190 Avize, France


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Photo: www.selosse-lesavises.com
Domaine Les Crayeres

Les Crayeres is a mythical property in the heart of Reims, nestled in a seven hectare park, and surrounded by some of greatest champagne maisons. This is former home of the de Polignac family, now a luxury, elegant and sophisticated hotel, where the service is just at its best, serving meals from silverware. Well, this is my cup of tea...

Adrese: 64 Boulevard Henry Vasnier, 51100 Reims, France


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