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#CactusJackDior by Kim Jones and Travis Scott

A new collaborative collection that blends Travis Scott’s artistic vision with classic Dior codes.
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In Kim Jones' first collaboration with a musical artist, Dior Men's Spring/Summer 2022 collection converses with Travis Scott's own streetwear aesthetic in a collection called "Cactus Jack Dior." Witnessed live in Paris by a scattered audience of mask-wearing fashion lovers, the collection is streetwear meets desert iconography meets French elegance.

As in past seasons, what Jones excels at is the level of intricacy and depth at which he blends his own vision with his collaborator's. Beginning with the setting of the show, the runway is transformed into a brightened desert flanked by larger-than-life-sized cacti, mushrooms, and flowers. The nature imagery captures the essence of Cactus Jack (Scott's collaborative artistic collective) while incorporating the floral codes of Christian Dior. On the clothes themselves, ​the House's Dior toile de Jouy print was altered into a "Toile de Cactus" print, the Dior Oblique motif is reworked to spell "Jack", and a new graphic emblem is derived from a 1960s archival rhombus.


While the Western imagery may instill expectations of fringe, denim, and other cowboy motifs, similar to the branding Cactus Jack, it's more subtle than that. The opening look is an all-black ensemble reminiscent of The Mask of Zorro—something outlaw-adjacent with a touch more swagger. Elements of snakeskin and a desert-like color palette are used throughout, alongside neon green and sequined varsity jacket details. Sweaters boast graphic images of bulls and other life forms, presenting an almost digitally rendered, futuristic vision of the Wild West. Each of these aspects of the collection, however, is showcased through sharp, well-crafted silhouettes and expertly proportioned garments. By grounding the collection in key principles of the Dior legacy—i.e. tailoring, florals, heritage monograms, etc.—Jones and Scott's collaboration could successfully reach new territory and create something that transcends style barriers.

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