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Maison Margiela Presents a Handmade Haute Couture Collection

A Folk Horror Tale — John Galliano presents his Haute Couture collection for Maison Margiela.
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John Galliano is passionate about fashion, fantasy and the endless possibilities offered by exquisite fabrics. This is clear in the testimony that preceded the almost feature-length film conceived by him to present Maison Margiela's 'Artisanal' Collection 2021 collection, which is now available.

In more than an hour of broadcast, a record among contemporary fashion presentations, Galliano turned a mega performance of luxury and decadence into a film, as he used to celebrate on the catwalk in the past. Impeccable clothes also celebrate the principle of upcycling, which is in the DNA of the brand created by Martin Margiela. Extremely long, 'A Folk Horror Tale', the production directed by Olivier Dahan and inspired by a horror tale leaves in the air the question that always arises in fashion films that demand interpretation: can models replace actors?

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The Folk Horror Tale | Maison Margiela; Artisanal; 2021 Collection

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