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Color Block Shirt

Looking for a trend that brings a fun touch to your looks? The color block shirt is the perfect bet!
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This season, one of the most classic pieces of the fashionista wardrobe gets a new version. The color blocking shirt has already become one of the favorite items among influencers, creating the perfect balance between elegance and fun. It brings freshness and charm to the looks, becoming the key piece in any composition! Whether in oversized models in which the shirt takes on the appearance of a dress, or even with denim pants or shorts.

For the most extravagant fashionistas, versions in intense and contrasting colors become ideal, becoming the key item for any production. However, for women looking to create more discreet compositions, versions in candy color or even more classic shades - such as blue - can become the perfect option.

If you want to add extra charm to the trend, adding a print to it might be what you've been missing! No wonder that, in addition to the plain version, models with striped fabrics are gaining prominence. Get inspired!

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