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Meet the Louis Vuitton New Wave Bag

Ride the wave and get your hands on the Maison's music-inspired shoulder bag.
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Who doesn't love the '80s? With its newly-launched New Wave bag, you can safely count Louis Vuitton as a fan of the Decade of Decadence. You guessed it: the shoulder bag takes its name from one of the key music genres of the era, in particular the one that spawned bands like Depeche Mode and New Order.

Music history aside, the New Wave bag also ties back to the Maison's own past as a trunk maker. Its subtle, undulating quilt design nods to an archival Louis Vuitton trunk that bore multi-coloured wave motifs. Putting the "new" in New Wave, though, is the rainbow silkscreen motif that spells “Vuitton” on the bag's removable handles. 

Crafted with exceptionally soft supple calfskin, the New Wave bag comes in small and large sizes and can be easily worn over the shoulder or cross-body. You can also opt for the tote or clutch version, depending on the occasion.


The Louis Vuitton New Wave Collection is now available in Louis Vuitton stores.



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