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It helps to stay energetic all day and protects the immune system.
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We think we will not be original if we say that a cult of "drinking coffee" has arisen all over the world. More and more people walk around the city with a glass of coffee in their hands, now people even work in coffee shops. But in fact, caffeine, which makes us feel more energetic, is a stress hormone. That is why experts advise to reduce the consumption of coffee, so as not to harm health.

On the other hand, simultaneously with the "fashion" for coffee, the interest in detox teas also increased. In instagram almost every third person puts pictures with such drinks, but in fact uses them once or twice a year. Around the same time, a trend appeared in the match tea.

Espresso, please

Stars like Jessica Alba and Gwyneth Paltrow consider him indispensable in their diet. Dr. Mehmet Oz recommends that all his patients drink a match instead of espresso, because the drink contains caffeine and there are special properties of detox drinks.

If the body requires caffeine, now you know where to get it. Matcha tea is valuable as an antioxidant: it increases the body's resistance, improves blood circulation and, they say, even slows aging.
How to get it? The usual variety of green tea comes out if you leave the leaves to continue to dry after harvesting. And the leaves of the matches are collected before chlorophyll is oxidized, then left in the shade for 15 days, and then crushed into powder using a manual mill, since this sort of tea is valuable only in powdered form.


What makes it special

1. To be more energetic in the morning, some people are accustomed to drinking caffeinated energy drinks. But not everyone knows that after such a “breakfast” we activate stress hormones, which after a couple of hours will make themselves known in the form of a sleepy state. Tea match also exports energy without consequences for the body. However, experts do not advise to use this drink after five in the evening - otherwise you may experience problems with sleep.

2. For many years the match is part of the philosophy of Zen. If you are not being whipped off working or family issues during the day, then we advise you to drink a cup of this tea. It helps to reduce stress levels, increases concentration and calms.

3. An article published in the American Journal of Endocrinology mentions that tea antioxidant includes EGGG (epigallocatechin gallate), a component that affects strength. Those who consumed tea regularly, quickly lost those extra pounds.

4. The antioxidant property of matcha tea polyphenols can help in reducing blood sugar levels, as well as adjust it. Match can also be used to prevent heart disease.



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