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Mystery and confusion! Karl Lagerfeld's funds haven't been split yet

Karl Lagerfeld passed away almost two years ago. The designer was known for his benevolence towards those around him, whom he presented with luxury items, sports cars and real estate. In his will, there were seven heirs who will share the estimated fortune of 270 million US dollars.
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However, none of the heirs has received anything. This is because the person responsible for executing the document, Lucien Frydlender, has not fulfilled his role so far. The accountant's wife justifies his disappearance for health reasons, but the heirs suspect negligence or even a coup.

With the death of Lagerfeld, it was speculated that the his fortune would go to the care of his infamous Burmese kitten, Choupette. The cat has a reputation comparable to that of its former owner, subject to due proportions - his own Instagram account has approximately 80 thousand followers. In his days of greater visibility, two security guards took care of the pet's protection.

Although Choupette was actually mentioned, the will only determined who would keep his guard. Françoise Caçote was tasked with this mission, for which she received about 4 million US dollars. Choupette's new caregiver was the only heir to receive what was provided for in the will.

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